Silence speaks volumes. Talk is cheap. It’s time to act.

On Tuesday March, 2 2021, the New Hanover County Board of Education will be discussing and voting on their school suspension policies. The New Hanover County NAACP Parents’ Council, of which I am a member, is calling for the end of PreK – 5th grade suspensions. If I had more than 3 minutes to speakContinue reading “Silence speaks volumes. Talk is cheap. It’s time to act.”

We must reclaim the word “learning.”

To arrive at the top, you had to climb up and through a permanent scaffold of hollow cubes made out of metal pipes. Each cube went up to my waist. The structure was four cubes high, four cubes across, and three cubes deep. Above this were two extra cubes with a view of the wholeContinue reading “We must reclaim the word “learning.””

Thank you, Mr. Taylor!

I started teaching fresh out of college in 1977 at the Reeds Ferry School in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Mr. Ken Taylor was my first principal. I taught under his leadership for three years. One of Mr. Taylor’s memorable traits was his positive attitude. As a beginning teacher, I arrived early each morning to get myContinue reading “Thank you, Mr. Taylor!”